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Windex and Walmart a winning combination for your Spring Cleaning!

     When I was chosen  for this blog post, I found it ironic that the Greek Mommy blogger was selected for WINDEX® . Yes we have all seen that movie where the Greek family say they put Windex ® on everything. Well that is partially true. No I don’t put Windex ® on aches and pains, nor has my family. But we do use it to clean everything else. Did you know that Windex ® is not just for Windows? You can us it on mirrors, sealed granite and marble, glass shower doors, chrome bathroom fixtures, lucite, tile, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and more. Oh My! Did you know that Windex® Original Glass Cleaner is America’s #1 glass cleaner? I can see why.

I love having clean windows even on a gloomy Chicago day.

I love having clean windows even on a gloomy Chicago day.

     With Spring Cleaning season upon us I headed out to my local Walmart. Got to love how easy it is to find my favorite products there. At Walmart I picked up Windex ® for all my cleaning needs. Being a Mom I clean all year around. But in the Spring I always do an extra deep cleaning. The Salt and grime on the windows is a particular mess for us Chicagoans. By the time Spring comes around I need a strong window cleaner. And ever since I can remember it was Windex ®. That familiar blue bottle that my family used. Even as a young girl I remember my Yaiyai, Greek Grandmother using Windex ®.


YAY! Not only did Walmart have my Windex but a Bonus bottle with 23% more Free!



Now as a Mom and a Pet Mom dirt and smudges are an everyday item. So when I start cleaning I always do the windows and dust first. For the windows I tackled our Living room windows that are stained glass. They are actual two windows in each frame. Yay! Double the work. But if the glass is not clean what good is having pretty windows? Even though Spring weather has not hit us officially I am ready to start cleaning. How about you?


You can pick up the Original Windex ® at Walmart

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*This is a Sponsored post between myself and SCJ  however, the thoughts and opinions are that of my own*

Coca-cola and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund working together #ForTheDream

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     *This is part of a Sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own.*

     Coca-Cola is joining with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to help Hispanic families achieve their dreams of going to college. This is part of the #ForTheDream Hispanic Education Program. There is also a #ForTheDreamSweeps Sweepstakes. This subject is very important to me not only as a Latina but as a single Mother. I am sad to say I was a High School drop-out. I never saw education as important as making money. While I was taking my GED classes I became pregnant with my son. My Boyfriend was not ready to be a Father, so I became a single Mother. I did not finish my classes. I basically found a job and worked to support my little family. However, without a good education my jobs were limited to retail. As my Son got older, I decided that I needed the education I did not have. I took my GED classes and got my certificate. However, having that still limited my job search a lot. So in my 30’s I started College. It was a City College but it was still a step in the right direction. I am currently working toward my degree. As a mother to a teenage son and a niece who just graduated High School. I make sure that I explain how hard it was to find a job with minimal education. I DO NOT want anyone to struggle like I had to. So we have to make education a priority with today’s youth. And in our family we did. My Niece is going to a local Community College, which she was not planning to do.

Getting Ready for back to school!

Getting Ready for back to school!

     My Story is the same as many Hispanic families. We get caught up in financial obligations and put our education on the back burner. Our dreams of having a great job and education are seen as unrealistic. Food, rent, and daily bills are more important.And they are but we need to add education to those priorities.  My story is very common among and that needs to change. That is why this Summer Coca-Cola is donating $100,000 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. We are the quickest growing minority in the USA and our children are the future. And they need to go to college and achieve a higher education. They deserve to have a better life then we had. We need more Latina and Latino CEO’s in the world. And we can make that a possibility by prioritizing education to our youth. Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. Coca-Cola’s #ForTheDream program is helping provide Hispanic families with the resources to go to college and get that higher education that is needed.

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Are you the parent of a child going college this year? Is your a college student getting ready for back to school. Or maybe you have a teen that just needs to start thing about colledge. This site is a great resource. I especially like the section about tests like the SAT and such.  You don’t want to miss the great information at: 


 Now I bet your wondering what exactly is the For The Dream program? Well this summer there is a sweepstakes component called #ForTheDreamSweeps. Coca-Cola is awarding one College Tour Experience and 34 X $500 grants to help with Expenses. There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Enter a product code on the site: Http://Coke.com/Forthedream
  • Post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram with someone who is helping you achieve your college dreams and use the hashtag #ForTheDreamSweeps

For every social media post with #ForTheDream a $1 donation is made to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, up to $10,000. So get posting!!!


I am also hosting a fun Coca-Cola-themed Summer Prize Pack
#ForTheDream Coca-Cola Prize Pack

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*Please Note that the #ForTheDream program and #ForTheDreamSweeps run from July 1,2015 to August 31, 2015*