Setting Goals and becoming accountable

As some of you know I have gained weight due to medications that I was on for my Fibromyalgia. I am almost 100 pounds heavier then I was about five years ago, at my lightest. As you know I have been with It Works for a year. I have tried the products but have not been consistent especially since I did not have a gym membership. And with the passing of my Grams its been hard…So now with our conference about five months away. And  I’m attending it alone I wanna look my best. Plus for health reasons I want to feel better. My Goals are to lose at least 50lbs by conference. You may wonder how I plan to do it.


Workout frequency:

At least 3 times a week. If I go out or have a cheat day I will workout 5 times a week the following week.


30 minutes on the ARC trainer then weights then 30 minutes on the treadmill. Goal is 500 Calories burned.

IT WORKS Products being used:

*Thermofit- Twice a day

*Greens- Once a day

*Ultimate Body Applicators- Twice a week

*Cleanse- Once a month

*Probiotics- To balance intestinal health

*New You- To help Build Muscle and improve sleep.

Diet: High Protein with lots of salads. At least 80oz of water a day. Goal is 150oz. Total Calories to be 1250 to 1500 a day.

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