LivLuvShop Monthly Box Review

Unlike some of my past reviews I was not given this box for review. This was just something I had ordered online and originally was going to add to my Holiday Gift Guide. However, I am not putting it in my guide, for the fact that I do not favor this box. I joined the service in about August of 2016. When I originally signed up it stated you will receive two of their Tshirts for $36. I thought this was a fun idea. Surprise Tshirts, you would not know what your getting. When I signed up I put in size 2XL just in case they ran small.  And was really excited to see what funny shirts I’d be sent.

img_4393_grande2 img_0275_grande

These are the promotional photos. When I ordered my box the photo below was the only one listed. Basically it was 2 shirts similar to those I would get. Now it became an accessory box. img_1396_grande

Well after over a month without my subscription box I contacted them via Facebook in late September. Somewhere I read that I should write the inquiry there. It was over a month and no one responded to that message. So since August I had not heard from them. About a week ago I got an email on Halloween that my box had shipped. Almost 4 months since I joined.

Yay! Today was the day to finally get my box. I was so excited I stalked my mailman all morning waiting. I opened the box and there is not one Tshirt in the box. WOW!…It was accessories, which I would not have subscribed to. It contained a faded, patchy peach bag. I am not sure if it is supposed to be a clutch or makeup bag. It also had a gold colored compact. And lastly a Fornash bracelet that was leather with a chain attached. According to their website the retail price is $124. Well the bracelet retails for less then $20, the compact for $2, and the clutch I would guess at $10 or less. I am so disappointed in this box. Not only for the extreme delay. But the poor customer service. And lastly since they did not notify me of the change of the box type. As of today they have a $10 monthly Tshirt mystery box. I would rather buy that then spend $36 on some Dollar Store looking accessories.


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my review.

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