LG is now making family laundry a lot easier #ad

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As you know I am a Mom always on the go. And like most people who are busy THE LAST thing we think about is laundry. Personally I love doing laundry and folding. The putting it away not so much. When Best Buy messaged me I was like “Ok a cool washer”. But now that I have seen it its amazing. I love the LG sidekick pedestal washer. Now I bet your thinking its some gadget you wont even use. How often have you had a load of laundry in and forgot something? Maybe your work clothes for the next day, your kids school uniform, or your gym clothes? I mean who wants to re-wear a pair of gym shorts or a sweaty tank top? Not me!

      As you can see in the photo the Sidekick lets you drop in those last minute items without starting a second load.  And if your like me, you don’t have the time for it. Now what will you do with all your extra time if you get one of these new LG washers?

Also this amazing machine has a mega capacity drum. The Sidekick does not take away from its capacity. And its energy efficient. Because no one wants to pay huge electric bills because of a washer. Mine are huge because of a teen who leaves every light in the house on. But all you parents, grand-parents, aunts and uncles probably know how it is. And right now this amazing washer is on sale:

From 1/11-4/25 receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home

Check Out This Amazing Washer Here





Best Buy Co, Inc.

Staying Safe Online With the Cujo Smart Firewall #ad

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


As many of you know people get hacked everyday. Just in the last year and a half I have had to have two debit cards replaced due to fraudulent charges. And like most people that can cause stress and fear. Plus it is very time consuming to fix. I am a single Mom, I don’t have hours a day to deal with my bank.

When Best Buy Bloggers approached me to test the Cujo Smart Firewall I was excited. It has business level security. It guards all devices. Which is great since we have laptops, gaming systems, and of course smartphones. Speaking of smartphones, you can control Cujo with an app. Easy Peasy!  Also Parental controls for those of us with younger children. What are those controls you may ask?


Parental controls features:

                  – parental controls for all devices

        – internet filter

                  – time limits

                  – social media monitoring

                  – pause internet

                  – alerts and reporting

                  – remote administration

                  – user profiles and settings


Amazing Features!





•         BLAZING FAST (built with 1GB Ethernet)


Check Out The Cujo Smart Firewall At Best Buy

*Please note that due to a family emergency I will be adding to this review as soon as my mother is out of the hospital. Thank You!


Music Streaming Anywhere with Google Chromecast Audio #ad

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 Are you a music enthusiast like me? I gotta listen to music all the time, in the car, in the gym, in the shower and while cleaning house. While in Myrtle Beach I was even using a mini bucket that my drink had been in to amplify my songs. Of course the drink was gone and bucket was dry. Haha! But like most of us we have apps like Pandora and Spotify on our phones. What if we could stream those playlists. Yes some new TVs can do it. But what if you don’t have those fancy TVs. Well Google Chromecast has the answer: Google Chromecast Audio.

Google Chromecast Audio allows for hundreds of apps to be played on your home speakers. The best part is the sound is Crystal clear and powered by the cloud. Since your streaming on Wi-Fi instead of bluetooth the quality is better.  And there is a multi room option, you can stream multiple Google chrome devices together. That is great for me when I’m cleaning. I am one of those people who cleans like three rooms at a time. So having music filling the house is great! And it is small enough to toss in a suitcase for vacation. I wish I had this product when I was in Myrtle Beach. I would have been jamming to my favorite tunes.

Check Out The Google Chromecast Audio Here


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Holiday Baking with LG ProBake Double Oven

With Thanksgiving about a month away, I am thinking about all the Holiday baking. Personally I grew up in a house were our Sunday dinners were twelve people. Our holidays were even bigger. Baking would start a couple days before and so would the meal prep. We would have dishes from both sides of the family. Even though most our family was Greek at the holidays.

Loving the blue inside for a great pop of color in this photo.

Loving the blue inside for a great pop of color in this photo.

My Mom is in the market for a new oven. This LG is what I would love for her to buy. TheProBake Convection™  is what got my eye. Every meal on every rack baked to perfection is amazing. We have all seen ovens where the bottom cooks the food faster then the top. This oven doe NOT do that. Meaning you can bake cookies on any rack like a professional oven. It is “Inspired by pro-style ranges, this LG range moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution.  Enjoy consistent browning on top and bottom – with every cookie baked to perfection with LG’s ProBake Convection ranges”. I mean who has not baked cookies and some on the sheet burnt and others were fine. I know I have. I cant wait to show Mom this amazing oven. It even has an easy clean feature that will help a lot.

Great Silver color.

Great Silver color.

Check Out the great promo going on now at Best Buy!

  • Kitchen Bundle Rebate through 10/29, where consumers receive a Visa Gift Card valued up to $400 with purchase of a 4 piece Kitchen Package.
  • Receive 5x reward points with your Best Buy account on any ProBake Range purchase from 9/28 – 10/29.  This can also be stacked with the kitchen bundle rebate mentioned above.

Check Out this Amazing oven at Best Buy

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Sponsored post: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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Prudential’s #WomenInspired event in Chicago

Prudential Logo

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and Dime Media. However,the opinions are that of my own.


     Growing up my parents did not plan for the future. I did not want to be in the same boat. That is why I was so excited to attend Prudential’s event. When I was in grade school my father owned a restaurant. I remember going into Toy stores and getting whatever I wanted. We were not very rich but we were definitely upper middle class. My Dad at any time had a couple Cadillac cars. I do not remember them having much of a savings. When I was in 8th grade the business failed. I remember being on food stamps. I was so embarrassed when we had to go shopping. But Hey! we needed to eat. Now that I am older I realized that they were not prepared for this situation. I made it my mission to not have that happen to me.


As a single Mom I knew that I needed to save as much as I could to prevent a similar situation. When my son was two I found what I’d call a good job. I had an amazing health insurance, 401k and they matched some of my donations to the 401k. During some hard times I had to take loans against my 401K which I did not see as a problem. But then I got sick. Even though I had put extra money into disability my company would not pay the extra percentage. They only offered about $300 a week but after insurance, taxes and other charges . I was supposed to live on $140 a week. At the time I was also helping my Mother by feeding her. So groceries were about $100 a week. The savings I did have was gone in about 6 months. The worst part was I was still on leave and with my severe Fibromyalgia and would not be able to go back to my past job. I was not as prepared as I could be.


The Beautiful Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, along with Jenny the voice and Dr Renee at #WomenInspired

I was lucky enough to be invited by Dime Media to Prudential’s #WomenInspired event at the Gwen Hotel in Chicago. I met many small business women. Plus the special Guest Host Michelle Williams of  Destiny’s Child. She has now started an amazing bedding line called Believe. So she knows what it is like for us new business women.


After attending the #WomenInspired event I learned quite a bit about having a legacy. For example if something happened to me what would happen to my blog? My business? And of course my son. I was not prepared but I will be now. I also did not realize that I needed a financial planner. I thought only “rich people” needed them, ones with hundreds of thousands in the bank. This is not true, everyone needs one. If I had gotten one years back I may have not lost my savings. The best part is Prudential does not charge you to meet with a planner and set up a plan. I feel most people my age don’t realize they need help planning for the future. My parents were not ready to retire and now both are having financial issues. That is why I am seeing a planner next month.I want to have a legacy for my son and with Prudential I will. Are you still unsure if you are ready? Watch this vide0..

Some inspiring words from Michelle Williams.



I will Own My Legacy!

Finding time to blog

As some of you know I started a business, I am an It Works distributor now. But that was not the reason I slowed down blogging. And I also stopped doing Twitter parties. I mainly only attend Dime Media and Latina Bloggers Connect’s parties lately. Nothing against other companies but I try to support the companies that support myself and this blog. Plus I love the idea of supporting a Latina based company. As women we should support each other

The main reason I stopped blogging as much as I use to. I did not have much to say. WOW! Really? Me, not have much to say. Well I have been busy building my business. But also have been busy with family issues. Nothing serious just a lot going on. I will be writing a longer and better blog this week. Stay Tuned. Stay Blessed!


Philips home Hue A19 Starter Kit and Hue Go Lighting our house in a whole new way!

ph 2

As some of you read in my previous blog I have been fixing up my house. But most people don’t always think about lighting when they first think redecorating. And I have to agree I am one of those people. But after seeing some of the ideas and photos I offered to do this blog. This will change the way you think of lightening your house. This will  transform the way you use light by adjusting colors, timers, alerts and more from your phone or mobile device. I mean who does not have their phone with them 24/7. I do and I have the new Note 5 so I couldn’t wait to download the application. The bulbs, accessory lights and bridge work with your Wi-Fi. You can  create mood-setting color schemes, or enjoy the right light setting for reading, relaxing, a romantic night in or even to fit the season. You can also easily maintain an automatic schedule so your lights will turn on when the sun goes down. Or if you are on vacation to look like someone is home.  Hue A19 Starter kit available at:

ph 3

Also for this project I got to try the Hue Go, completely wire free light smart light. Take it or put it anywhere. You can plug it in or carry it with you with up to 3 hours of rechargeable battery life. It has different preset settings also two shades of white. Bright and a softer white for when you want dim lights. You can control it with the button on it or through the app. “Hue Go helps you to wake up fresh and energized in the morning with deep dimming. The gradually increasing light intensity gives you the feeling you are waking up from sunrise – gently and naturally.” The Hue Go can ordered BestBuy.Com


The final product I got to test is Netgeat Nighthawk DST Router & DST Adapter. I still have not received this as of writing this blog so I will update it when it when I do as far as my view. But from what I hear it has a plug in adapter that you can use in places like basements, where you get dead zones with your wifi. I cant wait to see if it works. It is a Best Buy exclusive. Available for purchase at: on BestBuy.Com

My favorite product so far is the wireless Hue Go. I use it in my room at night to relax. I love the color options. And its great to unwind after a long day. However, the kids steal it a lot so we will be buying a second one. As far as the est of the products I was unable to test the router before the blog was due. There will be an Update in a week or so. The starter kit is great however, I havent gotten creative with the lights as far as location…Yet! So I will add that to my update. But I did love the Hue app. I’m a app addict so this is so me and a must try for any techy.




Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

imPRESS Manicure: Can you get a Salon quality manicure at home?


     As we all know a salon manicure can cost a lot of money. And worst is if your busy and do not have the time. A manicure usually costs me about $15 not including tip. But my real nails don’t grow, so if I wanted nails past the tips of my fingers I would have to get gel or acrylics nails. Those nails run $30 to $60 in most salons. For me I don’t get manicures often because my nails are so short. Also a standard Manicure for me usually chips in less then 2 days for me. Mom Life, dishes, cooking, laundry and whatever else can mess up my nails I do in a day.

wBWogFAhThO6x1KpUVNj_BIP240-Jun 23 2014

The imPRESS manicure isn’t the stick on nails of the past.

– Simply peel backing and press on
– No drying time and no mess
– Safe on natural nails
– Mega gel shine
– UltraHold Technology keeps nails on
– $7.99 / Walgreens

So I bet your wondering  what I thought? Well over all I love them. I originally thought these were the kind that you had to place little tabs on each nail, then stick the nail down. NO! These are so much easier. Just pull the tab and stick the nail down. The best part? These are not like the nails of the past they are waterproof. But my only issue is I had received 2 sets and bought 2 sets of their product because I liked them so much. Two of the Four sets kept popping off. One set did not even make it past midnight when I put them on for a night of dinner and drinks. It was probably due to washing my hands like 5 times in 6 hours or so. But if your going on a getaway or a long night out. Maybe bring some glue. As far as the looks of them. They are amazing and gorgeous.

Wanna Check out the imPRESS website?

*I was given this product complementary for review but the thoughts and opinions are that of my own*

Coca-cola and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund working together #ForTheDream

July 13_ALT_Twitter

     *This is part of a Sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own.*

     Coca-Cola is joining with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to help Hispanic families achieve their dreams of going to college. This is part of the #ForTheDream Hispanic Education Program. There is also a #ForTheDreamSweeps Sweepstakes. This subject is very important to me not only as a Latina but as a single Mother. I am sad to say I was a High School drop-out. I never saw education as important as making money. While I was taking my GED classes I became pregnant with my son. My Boyfriend was not ready to be a Father, so I became a single Mother. I did not finish my classes. I basically found a job and worked to support my little family. However, without a good education my jobs were limited to retail. As my Son got older, I decided that I needed the education I did not have. I took my GED classes and got my certificate. However, having that still limited my job search a lot. So in my 30’s I started College. It was a City College but it was still a step in the right direction. I am currently working toward my degree. As a mother to a teenage son and a niece who just graduated High School. I make sure that I explain how hard it was to find a job with minimal education. I DO NOT want anyone to struggle like I had to. So we have to make education a priority with today’s youth. And in our family we did. My Niece is going to a local Community College, which she was not planning to do.

Getting Ready for back to school!

Getting Ready for back to school!

     My Story is the same as many Hispanic families. We get caught up in financial obligations and put our education on the back burner. Our dreams of having a great job and education are seen as unrealistic. Food, rent, and daily bills are more important.And they are but we need to add education to those priorities.  My story is very common among and that needs to change. That is why this Summer Coca-Cola is donating $100,000 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. We are the quickest growing minority in the USA and our children are the future. And they need to go to college and achieve a higher education. They deserve to have a better life then we had. We need more Latina and Latino CEO’s in the world. And we can make that a possibility by prioritizing education to our youth. Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. Coca-Cola’s #ForTheDream program is helping provide Hispanic families with the resources to go to college and get that higher education that is needed.

July 6_Twitter

Are you the parent of a child going college this year? Is your a college student getting ready for back to school. Or maybe you have a teen that just needs to start thing about colledge. This site is a great resource. I especially like the section about tests like the SAT and such.  You don’t want to miss the great information at: 


 Now I bet your wondering what exactly is the For The Dream program? Well this summer there is a sweepstakes component called #ForTheDreamSweeps. Coca-Cola is awarding one College Tour Experience and 34 X $500 grants to help with Expenses. There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Enter a product code on the site: Http://
  • Post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram with someone who is helping you achieve your college dreams and use the hashtag #ForTheDreamSweeps

For every social media post with #ForTheDream a $1 donation is made to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, up to $10,000. So get posting!!!


I am also hosting a fun Coca-Cola-themed Summer Prize Pack
#ForTheDream Coca-Cola Prize Pack

July 15_Twitter
*Please Note that the #ForTheDream program and #ForTheDreamSweeps run from July 1,2015 to August 31, 2015*


Beba Babble 7/20

Well as you know I am known as Beba and on occasion I like to babble about life. Well after feeling a bit down about some blog comments, I went in hiding. But then I realized that I am not perfect. At least when it comes to my writing. However, I will take everything with a grain of salt. Maybe ask for a lime and some Patron while I’m at it. Haha!

So how is the diet going? I am down 12lbs and 2 inches from my abs. But I have to be honest I cheated a lot, in June. This week I have gotten back on track. I will try to finish my blog about attending SoFab on the road. Talk to everyone soon.